mardi, septembre 05, 2006

Spiders And Cigarettes

I just ate a ton of shit.
I feel great, thank you, just about to throw up.
I'll go easy on the candies next time.

I am not sorry for boring you with the PR post. I needed to get that off my mind.

You know I dreamt I smoked last night?No you don't.Now you do.Happy?Sure.I have always wanted to smoke in a cigarette holder. That is just so sexy. Isn't it? You know, like in the 20's, when women used to smoke and put make up on in public to shock people? That's what I want.But I do not want to die of a cancer lung.Even though I could as well die of a cancer lung if I don't smoke.Smokers say you have to die because of something, right?

You know you eat an average of 10 spiders in your life while sleeping?I'm not kidding.I have to learn to sleep with my mouth closed.Eugh.I just killed a mosquito now. I killed 2 lives today, in 5 minutes while writing this post(yes, I started talking about spiders because I just killed one). Can you believe that? God. I am so hot.Good night. I don't feel like you're going to sleep well hahahaha.



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