mercredi, septembre 06, 2006

Eté 67

Because everyone deserves to listen to their music.

Yes, everyone. Even your goldfish, who is orange btw ( why did english people called those orange fishes gold fishes? English people suck. Okay, french call it "poisson rouge". Technically, it's not red. But red is nearer to orange than gold is. Maybe the guy was daltonien? -I have no idea what it is in english. Not sorry. Learn french, nom de Dieu!)
Okay, back to the point, I will talk about them.

First, the singer.
Ahh Nicolas!! Nicolas Nicolas Nicolas....
I am in love. His voice is the best thing ever made on this planet since mexican food and olliebollen. You could get wet in your pants just because of his voice. So hot.
And, the face.
Seriously, do you know anybody with mono-eyebrows who looks this hot? (Man, did I just use the word "hot" more than once?I sound like Paris Hilton. I must be high on sugar or something)
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Then, the music.
Some kind of jazzy rock so lighthearted and cheerful even my grandpa loves it. And you have to know, my grandpa doesn't like anything but traditional serbian music. Not that this sounds like serbian folkloric music. Thank god it doesn't !
Plus, they're one of the very few belgian bands who still sing in french.
Some songs are great for jumping round your room with your cat, others so light you can listen to them to fall asleep along his slow, sexy voice....
Now you're going to sleep well.

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marie a dit…

non jarive pas a lcroire tes cor plus folle kjle pensais c pa possible lool alé franchmen sont trop bien et ptet ki disé gold pour la poésie tu vois genre pour faire style jsui un poète hihi jai l'air con a parler francais gro zouxxx tsé kjtaime toi hihi

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