mardi, février 03, 2009

Girlcrush : Meet Fleur

Fleur is Dutch, 18, lives in the Netherlands, recently started modeling ( I predict she's the next big thing!) , enjoys going to music festivals with her friends, has killer personal style and you're just about to get to know her.

-First, how did you get started as a model?
I spend a lot of time on the Dutch Ellegirl forum. There are a lot of scouts there because of the beautiful young girls with model potential . One day somebody asked me if I could send them a few more pictures of myself. And after that they wanted me to come to Amsterdam to the agency.

- What do you dislike most about modeling?
The fake people and the industry can be very harsh to you.

-What do you do the most often : shows, photoshoots??
I do both. I prefer photoshoots though, because they're more creative. You can put your own personality in there most of the time.
But at shows you get a real adrenaline rush and that is also really cool.

-Would you like to pursue modeling for as long as possible or is it just a "side activity"
It wasn't my ambition to be a model, but because it went very well and I got signed with the international agency IMG I decided to start fulltime this year. After that I will definitely do some kind of study, something with fashion, probably styling.

-You really seem to dress "for yourself", not caring about trends and so on. Is it really that way?
Hmmm, I watch the trends, pick the ones I like and then make them fit to my own style and yes I dress for myself but also to make people look a little bit longer :P

-Where do you usually shop? Also, where would you never shop?
I shop everywhere, I like it to combine items from different shops. Back in the days I would wear a whole H&M outfit, but I don't want/like that any more. And I would shop everywhere, it gives me a kick to get a very cool item from I shop I don't really like.

-What is your favorite clothing item ever?
I think just a simple white t-shirt, always looks cool.

-Something you couldn't live without ?
My I-pod, I looooooove music!

-Your last buy? And the next one?
Black gladiator heels, grey ankle boots with silver studs and loafers with an embroidered pattern. And the next one would be a big coat à la Burberry Prorsum.

-What kind of comments do people make about your style?
That my outfits are well styled and that I look like a hippie.

-Favorite fashion designer?
There are sooo many designers I like. I like Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Prada, Luella and Burberry most of the time, cool, young and easy to wear. But there are a lot of designers from which I like a certain collection.

-Something you dream about having but can't afford
That Burberry coat again :P

-Most stylish city?
I went to Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin and Antwerp. But I think Paris is the most stylish. In some of the areas ALL people that you see are stylish and well dressed but on the other hand when people look bad dressed they REALLY look bad dressed. I find Copenhagen very refreshing and, Berlin is just very cool, I really feel comfortable there and in Antwerp I know my way very well.

-Something you'd never be caught dead in?
I hate synthetic clothes, clothes with big brandnames on them and everything that makes you look cheap.

-Favorite movie?
Again soo much, I watch a lot of movies. The German movie Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo, Pulp Fiction, Cold Mountain, The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, Candy, Kill Bill and I find 50first dates a very cute comedy. I also like the classic horror movies like Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Oomen.

-What have you been listening to lately?
A lot of Alice in Chains and The Doors. And I think "Into the galaxy" from the Midnight Juggernauts is a very catchy and groovy song.

-What do you do in your free time?
Hang out with my friends, listen to music, going to festivals and concerts, party, do creative stuff, cook, watch movies and that's about it.

Sparkling city lights

Nighttime streetstyle.... From
An alternative to the usual sun-lit day photos... The night does make it all much cooler and more mysterious ,sort of mesmerizing, doesn't it?

PS : Stay tuned for an interview with my personal girlcrush next week! Her name is Fleur, has golden long locks and to me she could easily be the next Chloé girl. Yop, that's how cool she is. Sneak peek :

dimanche, novembre 30, 2008

My current role model

Behati Prinsloo in Rich Girls by the Vigrins


lundi, octobre 06, 2008

Back in shape

After some dissapointing last collections, seems like Marc Jacobs is back in top-shape.! And I'm back in love with him!

Let's see :

NYFW : -Marc Jacobs. Whoaaaaa
-Marc by Marc Jacobs : Cuuuuuuuuute!!! I want it all!!
Paris FW : Louis Vuitton.


I loved loved LOVED it!! It was so crazy and colorful and just so creative!! Like some kind of neo-african-tribal remix on acid worn at a black-tie event. Truly inspiring. One of my favorite shows from Paris.

First, the colors. A lot of them! They were all so rich and deep and beautiful! On their own, and mixed together.

Then, the clothes themselves : whoa. The patterns are amazing, the textures aswell (I know, feather skirts? Nothing new, and very last season. But on to become new season! ). I loved the way blazers were reinvented, worn on bare skin and cinched with neo-kimono belts, looking all but your conventional blazer look! Ie, a crazy, colorful, very creative look ( Haha slighlty repeating myself )

I was seriously in love with the bags, which is a big first for me ; I usually never take a look at bags, let alone at LV monogrammed ones!! But these...haaa. YUM

And to top off....the more than stunning shoes. because, as Glossy said it, "shoes are the exclamation point to your legs" ( on to become my favorite sentence and I shall use it even more as seen the only posts in preparation I have are! ) Anyway they left me breathless.

All in all, a collection that may seem to complicated, to busy, too many things going on...but that's precisely what I love about fashion! Remember : too much is never enough.

mardi, septembre 30, 2008


Pretty, shiny, ridiculously (!!!) high, dangerous...

Yes, the shoe everybody's wearing, well, except mere mortals, commonly known as : everyone except Socialites, It Girls, Rich Girls, and Lucky Girls, which

Aren't they lust-worthy?

(pictures : Garance Doré, the Sart, FaceHunter, )

mardi, septembre 02, 2008

Ze comeback.

So. This break from blogging has been way too long. I've been promising to post something since March. And it's September. I miss blogging. And bloggers. And really just the word, blog. How great does it sound? Blog blog blog blog. I get all excited when I hear that word.

Some friend of mine told me about a cobrasnake picture or something saying "Be There or Be there". Finding it quite accurate, I decided to shake things up and, fronting that dilemma ( I know, I can hear you gasp) ,to choose between the first and the latter. After some painful brain-stroming and existential thinking, guess which one I picked?
Be there.
So, here I am.
Preparing posts. For realzzz.

But while you wait, following Coco's idea, I'll leave you with pictures of my own inspirational scrapbook.

mercredi, mars 19, 2008

Obession Of The Moment : Part 1

Frous frous, ruffles and frills...

Were literally all over the runway. Stella, Sonia Rykiel, Lanvin, Galliano, D&G, the list goes on. But while these are all the same "item", they are very versatile and can go from delicate to edgy. It gives such a fresh pop to any outfit, and when you see the runway pictures you really feel it's spring, in its best representation.

At Sonia Rykiel the girls seemed like angels that just dropped out of a cloud. Everything was so fresh, airy, ethereal, poetic, dreamy and overall simply beautiful .

Stella McCartney made a couple flirty dresses, frilly and sheer, perfect for a hot summer day.

Luella also included ruffles and frills in her collection, which gave a super cool geeky and young vibe the designer is known for. And my personal favorite. It's the easiest to translate into your everyday wear!

D&G was , for a change, not slutty at all, but that didn't keep the clothes from being super sexy. I loved the delirious prints, and the crazy-hippie-meets-gipsy feel of the whole collection. And leather gladiators are the perfect style to complete this look.
John Galliano was, as always....Galliano. Spectacular clothes, beautiful décor, a show in its own way. The whole collection was very childish and innocent and naive, with lovely colors such as dusty pink and faded yellow. It simply seemed like a celebration of life and joy and happiness

Burberry Prorsum was also frilly, but à la Burberry girl ; as in, super-feminine while being edgy and tough with details such as patent leather, tough belts, dark sunglasses and badass ankle boots.

Lanvin....a girl can dream right? The clothes were gorgeous, with frills not on the bottom of dresses, but on the top. Unexpected and very efficient! The colors were again so rich and luxurious and deep (jewel tones = yum). It's all about elegance and high class...If I were a fashion editor, Lanvin would with no doubt be a staple. And this show was Lanvin at its pure Lanvin-ess. Congrats Alber!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Part 2 coming soon : Real girls pulling off the runway trend

mardi, mars 18, 2008

These got me excited!

I can't wait for Gossip Girl to come back, with more drama, more action, more catfights, back-stabbing situations, and , most of all, clothes!!

The OTT tutu is just wow, and Jenny's shoes....those Miu Miu platforms from last summer (and still covetable), and....Serena's ankle boots! I know thee pictures aren't exactly great as seen they're wearing stuff to keep them warm ( Blair Waldorf in UGGs ?? ) , but still, you get the idea...

ps : a semi-decent post is in preparation. Thanks for your patience!