mardi, septembre 05, 2006



Why PowerRangersGo, you're thinking?
Power rangers rule .
You don't beleive me, don't you.
Like, hellooo, neon? Spandex? Super-tight fitting pants?Enormous sunglasses (Okay, those aren't sunglasses. So what? GreenDay think they're the first to have made the opera rock and nobody tells them it was The Who first. But nobody cares, right? So shut up. World is unfair like that).
Doesn't that remind you something?
Yes. The Power rangers already knew, in the early 90's, that they would influence fashion 10 years later.
Now how cool is that??
Kate Moss has done nothing in the world of fashion compared to them. And why does she deserve a Vogue cover and they don't??
Anna Wintour, you suck.
Besides ,the Power Rangers ruled my childhood. I mean, come on, who has never watched one single episode of the PR? (er, not public relation, power rangers, remember?)
I always wanted to be the pink one when I used to play with kids at school.
I was never the pink one.
Of course.
Because that was for the already-bitchy-girly-girls.
Now when I look back at the Power Rangers( the old, first episodes, not the shitty dino-air-superzextra-youknowit-force), I don't understand how a so badly filmed show has changed my life.
No it didn't change my life,I'm bullshitting, just as always.
What else ruled my childhood, yo are (not) wondering.
Sailormoon, Dinausorus biscuits, The Spice Girls, Cinderella, and believing in fairies.
What rules my life now?
That's for later , folks.

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Anonyme a dit…

i love sailor moon its so amzingly great

AmyGIl a dit…

I think most of us 90s kids lives changed compliments power rangers, and of course sailormoon. Sailormoon started a huge obession that drifted to fashion between me and japan. Not to mention I was wearing hot pink spandex under my skirts from the second grade until into highschool when I noticed (wtf) it was a trend! I applud your Power Rangers shout out!

Anonyme a dit…

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