mercredi, novembre 28, 2007

Let's play!!

So, here are few pictures of models when they were young, let's see if you can guess who those sweet little faces are!

1. She's Brazilian, and still has the exact same face now hehe
2. This one is way too easy (koalaaa)
3. She's a mother, and a Calvin Klein model.4. The ultimate brazilian bombshell5. From Canadian tomboy to super hot, super glam supermodel6. Irish-dancing in Canada

Answers : 1 : Caroline Trentini, 2 : Gemma Ward, 3 : Natalia Vodianova , 4 : Gisele Bundchen, 5 : Daria Werbowy and 6 : Coco Rocha

Congrats to those found out!

18 commentaires:

Sage a dit…

aww.they're all so cute!!

P.S we are the future - we predict the trends!!

discothequechic a dit…

haaa, yeah Bojana!
Genius post! I'm not even going to ask how you got hold of these.

Okayyy, do we get prizes if we get top marks? Feeling confident! (chhh, I don't need clues!)

1 Caroline Trentini
2 Gemma Ward
3 Natalia Vodianova
4 Gisele Bundchen
5 Daria Werbowy
6 Coco Rocha

coco a dit…

2 is gemma ward
4. gisele and 6 is coco
im not sure about the rest but now ive read stevies comment i can see who they are

ground zero bar a dit…

ah je sias juste gemma et gisele
j'suis nulle !!

Anonyme a dit…

great idea! i wont embarrass myself by getting all, bar gemma, wrong!

Tinsley a dit…

I love quizzes! And everybody was so cute, especially Caroline!

1. Caroline Trentini
2. Gemma Ward
3. Natalia Vodianova
4. Gisele Bundchen
5. Daria Werbowy
6. Coco Rocha

atelier a dit…

OOOO, these pics are lovely! I am shocked because Trentini, Ward and Vodianova look like now, they didn't change a lot. I must say Gisele is still my favourite!

Ali a dit…

3. ?

tres fab. i love these pics!

Miss Woo a dit…

Gemma Ward looks postively the same! :O

discothequechic a dit…

...ooh, have just discovered red lipstick and macaroons. Intriguing!

Cool Urbanite. a dit…

How cute! Haha, I don't want to sneek into the other answers. So I recognized a Gemma, Natalie (or something), ofcourse Gisele and Coco!!

Damn, my model knowledge isn't that good..:P

The Clothes Horse a dit…

Oh, I stink at this game! All I got was Gemma (since she looks the exact same) and Coco.

Fabi a dit…

ooo cool post, If discothequeconfusion and tinsley are correct, than so am I heehee...
trentini, gemma and coco look exactly the same as they do now :P

emsie a dit…

i think that they've all been guessed!

i got gemma, natalia, daria and coco ; i think


Jackie a dit…

ahh, i'm horrible at this... so i'll just comment and say this:

what a wonderful idea!

Ana a dit…

Caroline Trentini
Natalia Vodianova
Gisele Bundchen
Daria Werbowy?
Coco Rocha

^^^^these better be correct because i already had them saved in my fashion folder

they're all sooo cute and they look just like they do now.

Lauren a dit…

They were all so adorable! Especially Gemma and Coco. Nice post.

Heather a dit…

Wow, the only one I guessed was Gemma. I still really love her look.