vendredi, août 24, 2007

Eye Candy : 1

As seen I'm mostly writing about fashion here, I tought it'd be nice to make a change....Open your eyes, open your ears! Here are some of my favorite videos and tunes of the moment.

At the top of my list : Red Hot Chili Peppers : Hump de bump. Gotta love the ghetto video!

- Gym Class Heroes : Cupid's chokehold. WOOSh! WOOSH! WOOSh! My favorite. I find it funny and adorable.

- Lil' Mama : Lipgloss. At first the song is quite cool, but after a while it just irritates me. But I kind of like the video...the dance in the basketball room is hot! The whole concept of no music is reminds me of Missy Elliot's "Pass that Dutch" (one of my favorite songs)Doesn't this remind you of someone's first video? Well all school-based videos do, to me. (cough Britney cough)

-Sean Kingston : Beautiful Girls. Turn the sound off and just look. I really don't like the sonf but I love the video's whole now/before concept. Since I'm obessed with the 50's this video could only be a hit to me, haha.

-M.I.A : Bucky Done Gun.
M.I.A has been one of my faves for some time now, and I just discovered her cool video of the excellent "Bucky Done Gun".

-Kanye West : Stronger. The song is so catchy, and the video is awesome. Loving the whole futuristic vibe, reminds me of Balenciaga S/S and all the other technotronic collections such as , of course, Hussein Chalayan and Dolce and Gabbana. And, wow, Cassie is HOT.

Okay, end of part one. I decided I'd do this every month now.
Hope you enjoyed it!

20 commentaires:

Mash a dit…

hell yeah i love Gym class heroes <3

Fabi a dit…

I love how you related the videos to a not so literal fashion. and I love the RHCP!!

a. a dit…

ah, fab idea!

Aisha a dit…

I love this idea for a post =), most songs come out first in europe/asia/north america, and i love listening before they get too famous here and everyone's listening! Red Hot Chili Peppers are great, and I have to say i like the sean kingston's song =)


Ana a dit…

oh gosh i love the song Stronger. it always pumps me up. im sorry i never replyed to your comments in dutch. my dad spoke dutch to me when i was a baby so i can speak and understand it but i never had formal lessons so im sure my comments would make absuloutly no sense grammatically and spelling wise. question you like "haagel?"

*** MeMiLy EdD *** a dit…

hi i love ur header is it new? or have i just been totally blind? anyway it is really kl

Bella a dit…

damn now its stu k in my head..."my lip gloss is lip gloss is cool" hehe...nice video choices!

discothequechic a dit…

Ha, I forgot about Cassie!

She was so cool for that short while that I payed attention to her..

M.I.AAAAA. I am her number one fan! Have you got Kala? Amazeeeeeeing!

"When it's hot we go down the river and swim
When we go fishing we 're catching a brim
When the rivers high we jump off the bridge
And then we go home and play some didge"


and yes, you were right about the TeenVogue picture! Geek points to you!

S xx

Asha lee a dit…

The Gym boys won over Amy WInehouse in the recently concluded VMA's. I hate it.

Anonyme a dit…

ahaha i love the rhcp video, flea is my hero :)

discothequechic a dit…

Haa. On the subject of youtube and videos, have you seen the "Chris Rocker" videos?

I highly recommend them, they are soo funny, and they're not even meant to be.

Type LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE into youtube and begin your journey.

This guy is totally the new "lonely girl" but for real, get meee.

S xx

coco a dit…

i would be happy to feature
i have tried to email you but for some reason it doesnt work
my email is so email me info there and hopefully it will work
great post btw

penelope a dit…

i love the sean kingston song!! beautiful girls!!!! and the video!! lol!! owell.

anyhow. glad u liked my blog!!

WendyB a dit…

I love the Gym Class Heroes video. So cute. Especially the little girl at the end!

coco a dit…

i love the video to stronger, the song is also amazing
it always is stuck in my head

molly a dit…

am i crazy or is the girl in the sean kingston video keenyah from antm cycle 4?

also, i ADORE stronger as well

discothequechic a dit…

heyy. yes, that deadline works for me; I've actually already done it, just need to airbrush myself dahhling, ha.

I'm looking forward to seeing the results. I've seen that you've asked Coco, who else is "on board"?

S xx

discothequechic a dit…

Okay, just to let you know, I've sent the picture.

S xx

Mash a dit…

heho du bateau !!!! Bojana tes messages me manquent alors reviens stp :)

Francisca a dit…

Also Love M.I.A. Bamboo Bang, boyz...and your blog. I add you to my links!