mardi, octobre 10, 2006

The Leather Jacket

Ever since I watched Grease, I wanted one of those leather jackets Travolta was wearing. The zippers, the shape and its badass-ness simply make it plain cool, bad boy meets stylish. ow that I think about it, I just find Grease inspiring. The high-waisted skinny pants, the said jackets, the full skirts, the sunglasses, the make up...And, man, the way Travolta walks!!

After the Proenza Schouler show, the thought that I aboslutely needed one just kept growing.Not any other jacket, the Proenza!The Proenza seems simply...perfect. It's tough and badass, while still being girl-friendly, and the shape is just amazing. I love how, in both, they're paired with slim fitting pants and dark colors.
And, ahhh...The Chloé one. It has less of a badass feel,more of a girly look but yet so attractive. BUT, nothing beats the Proenza.
(Proenza Schouler, Chloé)
So, Santa, if you're reading this, I know it's a litlle early but please try to remember, in a few months, that a litlle girl in Belgium would be very happy if you bought her that jacket, she promises she will be good to her mommy and daddy and that she will work a lot.
Think about her, Santa. Think about the fact that you could make somebody happy. Think about it.

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