lundi, octobre 09, 2006

Hot Stuff : Iekeliene Stange

Seriously, is there anything cuter and happier than Iekeliene (pronunced Eekahleenah for you non ducth-speaking people. Yeah, I'm the hottest polyglott out there) on here? To me she has the most individual, creative style in the models world. Kate Moss?Pfff. Anybody can pull off grey skinny jeans, leggings and ballet flats. But plastic necklaces, polkadotted socks, tutus and bold colors?
Only you baby girl, only you.
lekalina 1 00280m
She makes me want to go back to my rainbow-phase more than ever.

But in a more toned down way, aka not wearing two different shoes (Bojana! You're not 13 anymore!Even though I loved the look on the people's faces) but going mad on the accessories, wearing bright colors mixed with calmer, darker colors, and...her signature style,tutus. Even if you do not like her bold style, she may be inspiring, creativity wise. And she just seems to exude some cool happiness and freshness that is just....wonderful. Model talking, I love her dinstinct cheekbones and pale, glowy skin.She is also skinny but not skeleton-skinny. What more could you want?

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autumn romance a dit…

She's defenitely cool :) Iekeliene is pretty much the dutchest name i've ever heard of (if ofcourse dutchest is a real word). I also think your blog is totally cool, found it when i was looking at your stylediary ;) Love the name :p