jeudi, septembre 28, 2006

Open, Turn And Apply.

Lipstick, of course.

I have only discovered the joys of makeup, in particular lipstick, this summer while I was staying at my grandma's and had nothing else to do but open her drawers and find -oh surprise!- unique vintage sunglasses, and tons of lipstick.

First, the classic. Red lipstick. Red can give you either a neat,glamorous, sexy, femme fatale,rock look or all that the same time. Sexualness, you hear it.
While it was worn with cool, solid eyeliner at Valentino with a flashy red, and dreamy white frosted lashes at Miu Miu with more of a blood-red color, I guess for every day life you better keep it simple.
valentino fall 06 miu miu fall
( Valentino, Miu Miu)
Hipsters have caught up on the trend, as always. Even though I don't know if you could consider red lipstick as a trend, to me it's more of a classic.
If you're a fat fugly Meg White look-alike,do not wear red lipstcik in any case.You do no want to look like a fat fugly Meg White look-alike with red lipstcik on,as seen being a fat fugly Meg White look-alike alone is considered a good reason to throw yourself under a train .
Sans titre

A fresh alternative to red,dark berry. That color gives you more of a mysterious, out-of-the-ordinary feel which can be great too. Nude lipstick is great for a more natural, down-to-earth look.
00030m dior ss 06

Then,pink. It can be pretty versatile too : from a young, fresh look like Anna Sui's with a subtle, glossy color, to a surprisinly clean and polished look with a neon pink but toned down with neutral outfits,as seen this summer on the Prada catwalk. A matte,pale color seems like the most appropriate for the pink-feary.
I have to say I really like the Anna Sui makeup, for this fall and for next summer. The look can be easily transported from the catwalk to the everyday life, and it just looks so plain sweet, especially paired with golden eyelids.
00070m anna suuui ss 06
anna sui spring 06 prada ss 06

(First three: Anna Sui, last : Prada S/S 06 )

A color I particulary enjoy myself would definitely be orange. I guess that's the one that makes you truly...well, outstanding.

As seen at Marc by Marc Jacob's S/S 07: From a more subtle orange, like on Gemma, to an eye-catching, popping hue,like on Jessica, orange certainly does not belong to your grandma anymore!

So, yes....A real girl is nothing without a lipstick!

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DDL a dit…

Dearest Boks,

Red lipstick is a classic, just not on me.

The Fat Fugly Meg-White Lookalike is called Anna she works,I believe, for DimMak (the makers of that cool gold bicycle ridiing dinosaurs sweatshirt.)

And to your command I have uploaded those pesky artshow pics. (On the way my computer died, refused to see the USB connection etc.)

The things I'll go thru for you.

DDL a dit…


Did you buy that red cape from Zara? I saw it yesterday and it reminded me of you.

It was so cute.

Bojana a dit…

No, I did not buy it, I'm still thinking about whether to get it or not. I'm just afraid of looking like an idiot. I know I look like an idiot most of the times but...argh!!
I'm going shopping today so i'll try it on again and think...we'll see :)

DDL a dit…

It was adorable.

If I hadn't bought the brown wool pants ( which were $$$) I would've bought it (but not in red. navy? Grey? Black? Je Ne Sais Pas)

Buyyy. Ittttt.

Bojana a dit…

But they only have it in red.
It's hard to match a red coat with my already eye-catching stuff so that I make it look okay.
I would have prefered it in navy or black, as you said.

Anonyme a dit…

Love the blog ! I really love those vinatge sunglasses that girl is wearing.

Anonyme a dit…

How pathetic. Do you have concern for anything other than make-up and appearance? You're so shallow.

I just hope you can find something more meaningful to do with your life.