samedi, septembre 30, 2006

Obsession of the moment:

Brightly colored skinny jeans,supenders, you name it!
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(Street style, FaceHunter, model, Fleur ,Stam, Luella, StilInBerlin, model)

4 commentaires:

DDL a dit…

First girl. Tourquise Skinnies and huge LV bag.

I want.
Gimme link to "streetstyle"?

Bojana a dit…

Hm, the thing is, I don't rember where it's from, sorry.
Maybe the Sartorialist? Sheeee I have no idea.
I think those skinnies are from H&M. I tried a similar pair on not long ago, but I had tights underneath so it was too small and I was too lazy to take off the tights.
I'm a big fat lazy assed-girl.

Reinedelaseine a dit…

I like this too!! Haha I love the style diary fleur_esmee too.

Anonyme a dit…

hey moi j'aimerais bien en avoir un vert super long pour qu'il fasse des tonnes de plis mais ej sais aps ou en trouver