mardi, janvier 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Dear bloggers,
best wishes!!
May 2008 bring you love, joy, happiness, style, and lors of new enjoyable blog moments!
I don't think I've ever thanked you yet, so , now seems like the right time!! Thank you to all of you for reading my blog, and sharing your thoughts with me!!! Blogging has definitely been a highlight of 2007 (I probably have no life) , and I hope will continue being in 2008.
Looking forward to another awesome blogging year with all of you!

As a new year begins, new year's resolutions are flowing!! You know, those statements you promise to follow but actually always give up? Hah. I'm not giving up any of them soon. I Hope!

1. Hook up and partyyyy. Anthem : Pumpkin soup, by Kate Nash.

2. New style icons :
* Mika : I've always loved his music but never payed much attention to him. Now I'm having a huuuuuge crush on the curly haired crazy boy. Isn't he adorable? So simple outfits made of super bright colored skinny jeans, simple white button downs, and possibly glitter suspenders.

* Blair Waldorf : I want to become super chic super glam super elegant and sophisticated. But still with a hint of me because, I'm, well, everything but elegant hahaha. Preppy up with ruffles, white blouses, cardigans, diamonds, shirts, plaid, highwaists, headbands, patent leather, bows, lace, and colors such as black, red,navy blue, bottle green and white + growig my hair out! Wooohoo, I'm all excited, can't wait for sales to go Blair Waldorfising myself :)

*Swedish girls effortless cool. Need I say more?

* To sum up : My 2008 style, for now, shall be Mika-meets-Blair Waldorf-and-they-share-their-shirts,-yes -I'm-swedish-I'm cool-Bojana style. How exciting does that sound?

3. Get in shape, aka the usual eat less, exercise more. Not beginning on a good note since my bro and I managed to eat a box full of Neuhaus chocolates for...less than you could imagine. So instead, get all Blake-Lively-aka-Bridget-sporty in the sisterhood of the travelling pants . And play tennis like Ana Ivanovic (reaching for the stars? pretty much much much). Oh and I put Venus Williams because she's got, like, the hottest legs ever.

4. FINISH HARRY POTTER 7!!! It should really be about time

5. Get decent paint skills. Cuz this is just ridiculous :)

Woot, I'm all excited about this new year!!

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Katie Rosemary a dit…

Happy new year to you, I hope you stick to your resolutions better than I will... I'm sure my "exercise more" will be forgotten in less than a week!
I adore Kate Nash's album... that girl knows.

Reggie a dit…

Happy new year! hope its a good one for you! Im really hoping to get more Blair Waldorf-y myself! prep meets vintage meets budget! lol! Well, hope 2008 is good for you!


Ana a dit…

haha witty post. i wish i had photoshop! ugh Paint is restricting me.

By the way I really love Blair's style-its so so so chic.

Bianca a dit…

Happy new year. Love ur blog. Check me out and would u like to link?

ashley a dit…

ahaha great resolutions!
happy new yr!

Cool Urbanite. a dit…

Quite a lot resolutions! Hope you can stick to them too :). I love resolutions that involve clothes or something with changing your style! See if Blair Waldorfising is gonna work!

Best wishes to you too!

Kat a dit…

Happy New Year! Loved these -really fun! I love Mika's braces, coloured trousers and shirt combinations.

coco a dit…

Love Blair
Hate Mika
I would go more Gossip Girl if I were you hahaha
Happy 08!

Mash a dit…

wow j'adore Kate Nash en plus le clip est trop marrant et elle ressemble a dorothy dedans (heu jai oublié son nom) du magicien d'oz non ? trop kitsh , j'adore :)quand a Mika bah ....big girls you are beautiful woop woop allez on se déhanche!

Mash a dit…

j'oubliais ....bonne année ma toute belle Bojana :) que cette année 2008 t'apporte la santé , l'amour, l'argent et plein de bonnes choses
gros bisous

Miss Woo a dit…

Happy New Year! With the combination of Swedish Bloggers and Blair it should be a very stylish year indeed ;)

Aisha a dit…

I love Blair and Mika (:
I'm sure your waldorfising will be great, can't wait until you show us some pictures (:

Your resolutions are great. I need to get in shape too =L I've gained like 10 kg this year. University and lots of food over there, you know.

Happy 2008 ♥

Ali a dit…

best resolutions ever, dearie! i have always loved mika's style. i want him to come and be my best friend.

Bojana a dit…
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Mash a dit…

et comment tu le fais le petit coeur stpppppppppp ??????

Lauren a dit…

I love Blair's style of Gossip Girl, she looks so chic and put together. And Harry Potter is amazing, I'm a Harry Potter freak.

Jill a dit…

Haha. Wow, It is about time you finished HP 7! But just for the record I like your paint skills.

bronwyn a dit…

Have a great 2008, good luck with all your resolutions.

alluretone a dit…

nice resolution, waldorf+mika+swedish girls= brilliant.

Cris Lazoru a dit…

Lovely post! I adore Kate Nash


Kat a dit…

Thanks for linking me! Will do the same for you:-)


ahahah I've understood mdr j'vais pas commencé a parlé anglais sauf
ep mika wouw et la fille pas juste comment elle est trO jOulie hihihi
bzOUtch and happy christmas:)
(tu viens a la maison wouwouwouw bonnomme crazy et chat shreké:))

Teresa a dit…

I love Blair's perfect froufrou style with all the bows and headbands. And she's like wearing the newest Marc Jacobs shiz before it's even in stores now which is fabulous. But goodness her storyline is getting really insanely unBlairlike.

Diana Rikasari a dit…

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw....i'm in love with your blog...seriously! nice one! :)

btw do visit my blog sometime as well...:)

Mash a dit…
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Mash a dit…

&hearts merci de m'avoir appris a faire les coeur je t'adore &hearts
bibis de love

Kristin a dit…

Great post. Mika is pretty awesome I must say.

And thanks for the wonderful post. I must say before I was an Aberzombie TOTALLY, but I've totally revamped my wardrobe to something totally more appropriate for fashion.

Thanks for all the support. Your blog is AWESOME !!

LML a dit…

love kate nash! and mika! and blair waldorf! i think they should make a lookbook of every wardrobe change in gossip girls - i would buy it in a heartbeat!
oh and i need to finish HP 7 as well - im horrible, my friends jaws hit the ground when i told them i havent finished yet - im glad were on the same boat lol

happy new year to you too :)

A a dit…

ooh blair waldorf, i can't express my love for her style enough

atelier a dit…

I am probably against the world with that comment, but I prefer Serena style, Blair looks like 30 and she is supposed to be 17. Probably it's because her overdone hair.

hannah a dit…

im very jealous of mikas skinny jean collection.


discothequechic a dit…

hello dahhling.

yesss to swedish girls!

and ha, at your paint skills resolution. Mine should to be to stop taking so bloody long with paint. It's my ultimate procrastination tool!

Here's to another great year from my blogging buddyyy.

Allure a dit…

the moderniteter girls are sooo stylish. They prove you can look fashionable without spending that much money.

Happy New Year, and lots of love ;)

Ash a dit…

haha umm... who's Olivier Theyskens? I used a picture of a waterfall for inspiration:

sara a dit…

oh, I love this post. Happy New Year too! I am such a big fan of Mika, and have been for a long time, he is probably the most stylish male out there, and I also love his curly haired good looks. He's just all around awesome!
Blair has good style and you have some reachable resolutions. Best of luck!

x sara o

Isa a dit…

first: happy new year!

I really feel with you for the exercising part (and all that "you don´t neeed to do that!" will never help-I see what I see and a size xs doens´t mean you´re in shape or that your legs look good. oh no. legs) good luck with that!

second: mika and kate nash. fantastic. saw her in hamburg and she was so enchanting and talented.
he´s a blast.

third: you´ve actually linked me!
I´m so excited!
thank you!

bisou, isa

Jen (MahaloFashion) a dit…




Miss V. a dit…

happy new year! Wow it's been ages since I came to your page, but it's still witty as ever! Hmmm I guess I should go make some new year resolutions now, they havent even crossed my mind haha. Good luck with everything! xx Miss V

Anonyme a dit…

I sooo agree on your 2008's style icons. They are my style icons too!
I just started watching Gossip Girl I adore Blair's style. And I love Mika, his music and his style, well everything about him.
And I think Scandinavian girls usually pull off their fashion style better than Europeans for example. ... *sighs* I love them.

la petite fashionista a dit…

i'm obsessed with blair waldorf style. her fashion sense has seeped into my wardrobe.. more over the knee socks, mary janes, and blazers. can't forget the striking red lipstick


Mash a dit…

Non mais Maje c'est trop reuch (looooool) c'est clair mais la c'était le dernier et soldé a 50% alors bon je me suis dis "allez fais toi plaisir jeune fille tu en meurs d'envie" et puis ça se fete c'est mon premier vetement de chez eux hihi :) bon par contre je ne connais pas du tout la marque que tu m'as cité mais j'imagine que c'est très bien et non mais n'étale pas tes histoires de petites culottes sur mon blog mdrrr (meme si ça me drolement rire) je compte sur toi pour poster des photos de tes achats (culottes comprises)
gros bisous

-S a dit…

Happy new year!
And I love your new style of mika meets waldorf!

a. a dit…

i love all these resolutions!

you know me & my obsession swedish style ;]

& mika is too cute (!) i love him as well.

Sage a dit…

<3 MIKA!

major news!! I am collaborating with Allecra from 24.7 , and we are going to have 24.7 Together!! so all my link buddies should change the link to the above url, and the name 24.7 !! Goodbye MENTAL. Dont worry it will still be me writing, just on another blog. And Allecra is great so we're going to have lots of fun !! see you there !

Daphné a dit…

I have just discovered your blog and it is really good!I am sooooo into Blair Waldorf's style at the moment too!(By the way,I was wondering if I could use your pictures of Blair for an article on my blog?)