samedi, mai 19, 2007

Organized Chaos

I know you are very curious so here are a few pictures from our Grease performance. Needless to say it was so much more than fantasticofuckingfabulous and everybody got seriously mad, it was so dynamic and energy and life was all around us and of course in us... Needless to say also that I couldn't stop crying when it was over.
As I played Frenchie, I got to wear a blond wig because I had to look like a beautiful blond pineapple...(And I did,didn't I?) And look at the beautiful dress my mom sew me! Just as I wanted it.

Back to fashion now. I know it's been quite some time now, but I want to comment on the Costume Institute outfits. Late and you've read about it on tons of other fashion blogs, but who cares.

The Good : Kate Bosworth hit it, in my opinion. She looked very sexy yet elegant and sophisticated with that retro glamour. Camilla Belle looked very belle and definitely stunning. Christina Ricci was fresh and young and the neon pink lipstick makes everything. The Models : Black, Dark and all-out glam,look at me I'm hot young beautiful skinny fuck you where's my lighter.

The bad : MK looked like a fluffy anorexic black yeti, Rihanna was a black Posh dressed up as a dominatrix, Mischa's dress was about to fall and don't even get me started about Lindsay;Wrong, all over the place ("hey! Look at my new boobs! How hot right I know duhhh")

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discothequechic a dit…

hahaha great post!

how cool! Grease! Who were you?

onto the Costume institute: When will LIndsay learn that big boobs just don't work on the outfits she wears? ay ay ay.

But I did rather like MK's outfit. Pahh looking anorexic, thats nothing new haha.

S xx

Alison a dit…

Grease looks like soo much fun! Were you Sandy?
I totally agree with all the style choices too, the models looked darkly fab, christina ricci looked amazing and lindsay... i'm not even going to say anything.
FAB blog!

Emma a dit…

You played Frenchie? Your blog just got even better.
God, I love Christina Ricci and Camilla Belle.
Stupid models, they should really stick to walking the runway and snorting coke off each other's hipbones. It unnerves me to see them at formal events. It makes me remember that they are not extinct, but rather actually roam the earth.

*** MeMiLy EdD *** a dit…

Grease? i have always wanted to be in that show. I think daria looks so good in that dress

Meg a dit…

You got to be a peroxide blonde. How did it feel?

Bojana a dit…

Meg : Sweaty, and too hot. Especially when you dance rock'n'roll.

At least I learned something : never, ever, ever dye my hair peroxide blonde, hahah!!

the lipstick lady a dit…

oooh wow that looked like so much fun! i really want to do grease as well.
i love your blog too, and lipstick... and bailey's, so we can cry together

alluretone a dit…

the burberry outfit agyness wore is stunning!

DDL a dit…

Frenchie! Grease! (other than what happens to hair if it's not washed for 3 days---> D=hipsterrrr)

MK always looks anorexic-the yeti thing? that's an improvement.
LaBlowhan- i'm speechless.Can a person look worse? (Bai Ling. but that's anther story.)
Rhianna sucks (more than one meaning)
Mischa Barton? It's not that bad (insert those icky highwaists and shirts.) it's better than Kirsten
Aggy can do no wrong, same for Irina.
I don't do Hollywood unless it's done bad.
Schadenfreude.(it's German. look it up.)

muze1990 a dit…

De foto's van Grease zien er leuk uit! En mooie jurk idd :).

Moose on the Loose a dit…

Your Grease play looked like so much fun to be a part of. I was recently in a performance of Arsenic and Old Lace and I got to temporarily dye my hair black. This was very different for me b/c I am a redhead. Did you have fun being a blonde for a night or two? I had fun looking dark and kind of gothic. I totally agree with your picks of the costume institute gala. Kate Bosworth looked gorgeous!

Eritia a dit…

your preformance looks fabulous.
I'm acting in the chorus of state fair right now, I wish we had half as much energy as your cast seems to

Mash a dit…

you sounds like to had a lot of fun , that's the most important thing .

L. a dit…

Wow, your performance looks mega professional. Ours were always really dodgy looking.

I must admit that while I love, love, love Camilla Belle's and Kate Bosworth's outfits, I wasn't all that jazzed about Christinas. But it's really grown on me. Pink lipstick is the new black.

Cool Like Chloe a dit…

woohoo! new post! the grease thing is so awesome. ive never been part of a play but i think i might give it a try. besides if i get to wear a peroxide wig and fifties dress then im sold!

coco a dit…

great slection of pictures

robot-walk a dit…

oeh grease <3 zeer coole foto's ;)

Model Citzen a dit…

thats so cool, i loved frenchie! did you get to keep the wig? I wish I did stuff like this in hs. but I didn't come out of my shell until 19. silly me.

molly a dit…

Frenchie is DEFINITELY the coolest character!
your costume looks awesome

émilie a dit…

roooo chui triste ca fait une semaine le spectcla :ss

Miss V. a dit…

You played Frenchie? That's so sweet! The performance looks AWESOME :)

Camilla is my favourite. Always, she's so beautiful.

Haha, Mischa looks embarrassed.

Fabi a dit…

grease?!! how cool!! and love the yellow dress, you look awesome!!

Rihanna and Lindsay were both in my worst list, also. :P