dimanche, décembre 03, 2006


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Prints are attacking us, taking over the whole world and making us drawn under the flooding of colors, textures and patterns.
As I previously said, too much is never enough and any reason is good to dress up and have fun (and procrastinate, too).
Dress to impress.
Attention ho? Fo sho!

4 commentaires:

Reinedelaseine a dit…

Fo sho boka....best thing ever is dressing up and playing with your clothes instead of studying for exams

Portillon a dit…

saw your blog link on tfs..I really like it!

emilie a dit…

ah j'adore les cheveux de la fille :d
la couleur en pârticulier

et jouyeux noel !!

Dior Baby a dit…

I love those outfits!!!!!!! And as I said before - your site! Oh btw you wanted to know the designer of the dress on my blog? I'm sorry, i couldnt find it anywhere but I asked the nice people at TFS and hopefully someone has a copy of the magazine and can read Brazillian (or whatever language they speak). Wow this is a long comment!