samedi, novembre 11, 2006

Vroom Vroom

So hot like right now like OMG em like Gee! : red nails (check), emerald green (check), leopard print tights (soon to be check), interning at Nylon (not to be check soon)

Ps : do note the sarcasm.

6 commentaires:

DDL a dit…

Don't we all wish to be intening at Nylon wearing an emerald green dress with leoperd print tights and red nails?

Just throw in a the designer bag and some boots and I'm signing up.

You in B?

Anonyme a dit…

y a des bas léopard chez pimkie mais je sais pas si y en a déja a v2 je les ai vu quand on été a celui de boulogne
ils doivent surement couter moins cher que ceux de la boutique a tournai

Anonyme a dit…

post more often!!!
ps Love the blog

DDL a dit…


if it weren't for your amazing bag recognizing abilities I would be lost.

Anonyme a dit…

I'm done with brown leopard print tights.

Yellow and purple leopard prints are so much more interesting.

an english girl in new york a dit…

ourole..where did i see was today...