mardi, octobre 03, 2006

A man I do not understand : Karl Lagerfeld

How can somebody make such gorgeous stuff ( at Fendi) and so fugly fugliest stuff (at Chanel) at the same time??!
I mean, black highlights, WTF?

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Claire a dit…

UGH...Black highlights were worn by Christina Aguilera (in her dirrty period), they do not belong on a runway.

Did your mom ever make you that cool green Fendi minidress?



Bojana a dit…

How are you?
erm, as I can't respond on your site, I'm doing it here.
Well, no,she did not make me that minidress, because I cannot find a fabric I like.
BUT, she's making me a sort of cape!More like a cropped bell-sleeved coat actually. I just bought the fabric yesterday, a wooly night blue color, it's lovely actually.
Thanks for visitng my site! Hee

Hadiza a dit…

The chanel has a delicous and grand variety of shapes and textures and is way superior to the Fendi or just Fendi as a whole. I mean its just a plain faded green dress, one could have picked it up at any shop. Fashion is about more than just looking nice its about having a sense of identity and personal style etc