jeudi, octobre 19, 2006

Boka The CobraSnake

Girl crush= One lenght auburn hair, heavy bangs, long blue leopard print hoodie, white tee, black skinnies and black flats.
Okay, next time I go to a concert, I'm bringing dad's camera+ my balls (much needed).

I felt like being raped by him.

Unfortunately, he did not feel like raping a young curly-haired groupie , also known as Boka, also known as me

Next time I won't wait for him to rape me, I'll rape him myself

4 commentaires:

amyliz a dit…

You rapist you.
He is very very pretty.

And haaaaaaappy birthday! (belated)

DDL a dit…


And I'm crazy?

an english girl in new york a dit…


Ad'line a dit…

I love you !!!