lundi, septembre 25, 2006

Pretty Things That Inspire Me

20's Fashion, street style, Grease, Iekeliene , Marie Antoinette , kitschy fairs, Lia ,Marc Jacobs , Byblos, hipsters , the infamous Cory Kennedy (even though she shouldn't be labelled under "pretty things", um), Françoise Hardy back in the good ol' days and so much more things
ClaraBowtrstretgreasejulienmcdonaldbackstagemarieantoinetteIMGP6932x0smxfmarc jacobs
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3 commentaires:

Reinedelaseine a dit…

I love your website!! I also love these photos...I also agree, they inspire me too. I am quite excited to see Marie-Antoinette, it is coming out here soon.

Di a dit…

Ahh it!

an english girl in new york a dit…

what's a bylbo?