samedi, septembre 23, 2006

Marc by Marc Jacobs F/W 06/07

I pretty much hated most of the stuff.
But hopefully, not everything.
The Good :
*The extra-wide legged trousers topped with suspenders and navy-ish buttons. Gettin' you refreshed from the skinny pants attack.

*Grey coats.
*The layers.
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*Details : Cool makeup with smashed eyeliner (Ah! Finally a look that doesn't need eyeliner to be applied carefully!!), over-the-shoulder patent bags.

The Bad:
*Ugly shoes ugly belgian people who have no style wear . You can find similar ones in cheap discount stores. Plus, jean skirts should never be longer than knee-lenght
Marc, for once your clothes are better than your shoes! At least you never stop surprising us...

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an english girl in new york a dit…

i agree with the whole jean skirts thing.