samedi, septembre 23, 2006

Capey Capes

So. I am mad about capes. Like mad mad mad. I know they are "so last year" (god did I actually say that? I sound like an Abercrombie whore or something) but somehow, I feel like not many persons have caught up on the trend. No? So it does kind of allow me to talk about this, I guess.
Turning yourself into a modern Litlle Red Riding Hood, how cool is that? Or a 60's mod revival.
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Besides, they make you look instant-cool, as in "uh I Just threw this on, I look so cool and I know it but I pretend I don't".
I know, rather appealing.
Cory Kennedy, shown here wears hers with he of-the-moment tartan leggings.
Ther aren't very warm, so I'd just wear them for fall, maybe I'll even be cold during the early fall mornings but, hey, "il faut souffrir pour être belle".
Besides, they go with pretty much... everything. Not that I am the kind of person who likes to match things -okay I'll shut up, I have to match stuff-.
There are so many styles out there. Capes, capey-like, cropped bell-sleeved jackets with elbow-lenght sleeves, in every color possible. Favorites? Chloe and Marc by Marc Jacobs. But, yeah, at those price tags, I should better check out H&M where I've seen a simple cotton one for not much, and Zara where you can find a little red riding hood one.
Shortly? Get one, before Mischa does it.
freee capedgirl
1st, 3rd : Chloe
2nd : Marc by Marc Jacobs
4th : credits to Face Hunter

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The Glossy Ed. a dit…

Bojana - also feeling the cape craze - and your blog too!